Exceptional everyday wear for babies, toddlers and kids

Welcome to Unordinary Toddler!

Our designs are unique, elegant and fit perfectly. When sourcing materials we focus on high quality and make sure it’s comfortable. Most of our products are made of Combed cotton, pure wool and pure cashmere. Our unique designs are finely stitched and ironed to perfection.

We are very proud of our products. We love what we produce and we believe you will love them too.

As the name suggest, we started with the focus on Toddlers. But we understand most toddlers have siblings, either younger or older. We thought it would be convenient for parents to shop at one place for their little ones. So we decided to extend our product range.

Apart from our quality clothing, we offer excellent customer service. We work hard to make your online shopping experience is smooth and pleasant. If you have any suggestions or you think any ways we can improve, please let us know. We would love to hear from you.